When women support each other incredible things happen

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Seeking sonder and the
i might change your life project


Seeking Sonder is a fast growing nonprofit organization based out of Nashville, TN. Founded by a group of female photographers wanting to give back to other women, we created a company that raises funds from the sale of branded shirts and photoshoots across the country. The funds raised help operate our mobile photography studios where we photograph women battling cancer to bring hope, confidence, and self worth. Because of people like you we are able to give this amazing experience away for free. Our mission is to remind women that they are beautiful and strong. By giving these women the chance to see themselves in a different light, we hope to improve their state of mind and lower the risk of depression.


Seeking Sonder was created to reach women across the US while gaining our non profit status in February 2017, followed up by hosting an Awareness Launch event in Nashville, TN. From there, we plan to purchase and renovate 8 Airstream trailers, then strategically place them around the United States for easier access to women battling cancer. Each Airstream will be individually vinyl wrapped with marketing materials from participating Hospital's and Women's Center's, to promote their community support and create a culture of awareness. While in each location, we will be participating in city wide events, meetups, collaborations, and of course giving away free sessions for these strong women.


Currently we are working with volunteers and have a reach of 552,465 individuals. We are creating coffee table albums and designing shirts to raise our funds, pay for gas, and take some parking lot naps during our journey to reach these women. But to begin this journey, we need your help. We have created this Patreon donation page so the vision of empowering these strong women can become a reality. I have already purchased a vehicle and am gutting the entire inside to be a mobile office and home on wheels. This will enable me to begin this journey of empowering women. We have groups all across the US that are awaiting our arrival to photograph the women they have nominated.



This is our motto, our mantra, our fuel. We truly believe that if you want to see a change in the world, start small, make and impact, and repeat. We started this project as a way to help empower women as they struggle through probably the hardest challenge they have yet to face. Our role in this project is to provide an unforgettable experience. Transforming the woman who is undergoing chemo therapy into the woman who is beating cancer. We are here to remind her who she really is!

We have done this by bringing in a team of empowering individuals ready to transform her. As she arrives to the mobile photography studio, we take a few moments to learn more about each other. Our stories are what defines us and we want to get to know her. As we start to learn more about why she came in, who nominated her, and her struggles, we begin our process. 

Our Makeup Artist starts bringing out the color of her eyes, and softening life's challenges. Our new friend ;) will then have the opportunity to be au natural, or choose one of our styled wigs. In our changing area, she has the option of shooting in the clothes she brings, selecting one of our signature "I Might Change Your LIfe" shirt's, or topless to embrace her new win on life. 


Next one of our trained photographers, will help ease her mind by posing her in the most flattering way in our studio area, we take a VERY limited number of women each week as we want to ensure we are getting to know our clients. We are not Walmart, we are not for everyone. We take our time, and do it right.



how this works

We will be working with some of the nations largest hospitals and Women's Centers. Currently our photographer has given up her life in Nashville and drives the airstream to each location. We have contracts with these companies that gives us the financial freedom to support most of our travel and supplies in order to give this experience to their community. We work with CEO's and Founders of companies who believe what we believe; you are not what happens to you, you are the choices you make after. We embrace this journey as we pull our airstream that has been branded to each company. Each month spent in these locations we are using the vinyl wrapped mobile studio to spread the word about our new partnership with the local community.  We rely on corporate marketing initiatives and collaborations with other companies to keep this a free service for our clients. We are currently in the process of getting our non profit 501 (c)(3) status as to make all collaborations a tax deduction for you. A companies social responsibility, can also benefit from cause related marketing as our 26 feet of eye-catching nostalgia runs through your community, and shows everyone you care.